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With the adoption of the US JOBS Act, Title II in Sept 2013, Regulation D private offerings can now solicit investment from Accredited Investors. This departure from the 1933 “No Solicitation” rules is perhaps the biggest change for US companies seeking investor capital in the last 80 years.
There are many online and traditional advertising firms gearing up to enter this space but we have not found any others with the finance experience of Zacks. Finding accredited investors is quite a bit different then selling cereal or bringing customers to a retail store.

Why would you hire an advertising firm that does not have its roots in finance?

Zacks Direct has the experience, the knowledge and most importantly the contacts (database has over 150,000 accredited investors) to put your capital needs in front of people with the money to fill those needs.

Zacks Direct is a division of, a firm that has been operating and providing information to individual and institutional investors for over 30 years. currently has over 500,000 retail investor visits a week to their website. They have a daily newsletter base of a half million subscribers. That’s people who have money and are looking to invest.

Every company you contact is going to promise professionalism, accuracy, delivery and superior customer service. What sets Zacks Direct apart is their ability to deliver that. They have the ability to reach out and put your message in places other firms cannot. In other words, Zacks Direct can put your message into leading print publications and online outlets that accredited investors actually read. That makes all the difference. Your message has to be where it can be seen by the people who make the investing decisions. Think about how much spam you get in your email on a daily basis. Investors get the same stuff and it’s all trashed. However, when they get a message from Zacks Direct, they pay attention because Zacks is a firm they know and trust. The performance record Zacks has already accumulated speaks volumes about the company’s abilities to deliver on the promises they make. Raising capital requires a solid marketing plan. The Zacks Direct staff has put together many successful investment programs and they are ready to help you do the same.

To put that another way ­ If you’re trying to raise a few hundred bucks for the local Boy Scout troop, then posters around town and an article in the local newspaper is going to work just fine. If you need $500,000 or more tostart-up or expand your business, that same approach is not going to generate the interest you need from accredited investors. Zacks Direct will put your message in front of the people who can make that half million dollar, or more, investment happen.

A full service advertising firm, Zacks Direct also offers the following services:

• Branding, message, and image consulting

• Website enhancement or creation

Link your offering to the top financial websites

Targeted email distribution to Accredited Investors

• Optimized search engine results

• Digital media strategy and execution

• Placement with online publications and journals

• Placement in leading print publications

• Traditional PR strategy and execution

Zacks Direct will prepare a marketing and media plan to fit your budget. They can put your message in online and traditional print publications that serious investors use to make their financial decisions. That’s what a company serious about growth needs.

If you are serious about raising capital for your company, then be serious about HOW to raise the money to expand. Amateur efforts deliver amateur results. Professionals deliver professional results. While there are no guarantees in the financial world, bringing Zacks Direct on board to help with the capital­ raise will give you access to the investors you are seeking.

With most Regulation D and Crowdfunding platforms advertising their 10,000 to 40,000 accredited investor base, consider the impact of an email from Zacks that hits the inbox of !00,000+ accredited investors.

ABOUT ZACKSDIRECT.COM ­ Located in Chicago, the marketing firms specializing in connecting growing businesses to interested investors. ZacksDirect has the contacts to raise investment capital from accredited investors for driven entrepreneurs.