Crowdfunding Review – TubeStart

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Nothing we like more at Crowdfunding-Website-Reviews then new and exciting ways to utilize crowdfunding in order to change the landscape of industries and disrupt business as usual. Tubestart does just that for producers of YouTube video, whether for entertainment or education, your YouTube channel can now be crowdfunded by your viewers.

TubeStart is a crowdfunding platform for YouTube channels, web series and digital video. TubeStart offers hands on expert support and advice to all creators on its platform, which is tailored around their specific business model and requirements and without all the noise from unrelated campaigns. With the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms it becomes increasingly important for crowdfunders to be part of a niche platform that is tailored to their industry to get the support and experience it takes to successfully crowdfund. Creators have access to an extensive library of tutorials and helpful information covering the entire crowdfunding process. TubeStart has created an environment where creators can chose from all the same funding models available on other platforms including a new subscription based funding model only found on TubeStart. Instead of limiting creators to certain funding models, TubeStart offers them all has plans for equity based crowdfunding for YouTube channels.

If you have are a creator of YouTube content and would like to monetize the good work you do, have a look at TubeStart for the funding you need. In our opinion, TubeStart is your only solution for funding your TouTube channel.