Crowdfunding Review – IgnitionDeck

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Our IgnitionDeck review answers one of the most common questions we have fielded over the past few years regarding crowdfunding platforms. That question: Is there a good Crowdfunding Plugin for WordPress? Finally we can answer, Actually there is a great Crowdfunding Plugin for WordPress, it’s called
Below is our detailed IgnitionDeck review but the most important piece is summed up as a fully functional whitelabel crowdfunding platform that can be added to your existing wordpress website or blog. Coupled with the fact that most platforms charge a fee of 5-7% for funds raised. can be purchased for a 1 time fee of $99, meaning if you are looking to raise $2000 or more, you have found a perfect crowdfunding solution.

The internet has become a pool of opportunities for a lot of people. Internet provides a fair chance of business opportunities to all people whether they own a small or a relatively huge business. It has also become a great way to advertise cheaply. Because of this a lot of people as well as organizations around the world become successful with the help of internet. Online opportunities have made a lot of successful stories that inspired a lot of people around the world. While businesses are continuously battling for the top spot in the market, internet applications are continuously being developed to adapt to the latest marketing trends. The development of content management system (CMS) platform and plug-ins have made it easier for organizations and entities to introduce their business and intentions to the general public that are utilizing the web. It has become a major part of online industry where people gather together and collaborate to achieve a certain goal
The creation of CMS has led to the development of website easier for developers. One very good example of CMS platform is WordPress which is being already used by millions of bloggers in online world. WordPress has become an important entity in the world of bloggers. It has also become an important CMS platform that provides success to various businesses and organizations utilizing the WordPress contents and features. The idea of WordPress in providing success to its users came into the development of a framework. The idea of collaborations is taken into a different level where people are allowed to outsource funds from networks to achieve a common goal. The idea is then called crowdfunding that provides online platform to formally introduce intentions over the internet. And one of the WordPress’ effective crowdfunding platforms is IgnitionDeck.
WordPress’ crowdfunding platform has the ability to effectively work with every user’s crowdfunding needs. IgnitionDeck framework provides an effective crowdfunding platform to its users who needed to collect funds from various parties and thus achieve common goals. IgnitionDeck has been already used by a lot of organizations for different purposes such as disaster relief group, political campaigns, civic projects, or any other groups that share the same intentions. With the help of IgnitionDeck, ideas have been successfully implemented, and not to mention it has helped a lot of people seeking relief from their sufferings.
Getting involved in a group or in an organization that shares the same idea offers a great satisfaction not just for oneself but for everyone that are involved. Sharing success with everyone after the struggles and efforts provides a fulfilling emotion. Opportunities and possibilities rarely strikes and you actually need to consider great potentials because if you overlooked that potential, there will be a chance that you are going to regret it in your lifetime. Good thing that when talking about possibilities, IgnitionDeck does not fail to help people in making a move to achieve their goals. Whatever you reasons are for utilizing crowdfunding, IgnitionDeck is your only friend in achieving your goals.
Whether you need to fully market a product, promote your business, or raise money for your endeavor, IgnitionDeck will actually help you make your effort worth it. This is your solution for responsive and customizable themes that effectively works with thousands of WordPress themes. This is actually your all-in-one theme solution crowdfunding framework. When it comes to design, IgnitionDeck framework provides very effective themes that are modifiable to better work with preferred online presence. It is super easy to install and is fully customizable for highlights. To fully ensure your success in raising funds, IgnitionDeck has been fully developed to achieve 100% success. Among its amazing features include:
• Theme customization
• Custom donation enabled
• Flexible funding
• Updated statistics
• Preferred Paypal funding payments
• Easy to manage contribution levels
• Manageable goals
• Campaign date flexibility
• Mailchimp integration
• Language flexible
• Excellent support services
• Reputable brand
It is always the right time start IgnitionDeck plug-in. Getting started will not actually cost you a fortune because you will only spend for about a hundred dollars to create your theme. With its affordable price, you will have a chance to get all the amazing deals that IgnitionDeck offers including the complete package of crowdfunding, updates and support for one year, unlimited projects, flexible currency for payments, flexible theme framework, and automatic tracking of campaigns. Additional features also apply where you can enhance your online presence. Additional features such as IgnitionDeck Extend and Themekit offers various enhancements that include every theme, every extension, every skin, and all updates. You will actually save as much as $99 for utilizing IgnitionDeck compared to other crowdfunding platforms in the market. Unlike other platforms, IgnitionDeck is not a middleman. It means that you will only pay once to utilize the platform and the money that you raised is not where the charges will be based. Pay only once and you can actually make as many projects as you want and keep all the money that you raised.
IgnitionDeck is designed to cater all the clients’ needs and because of that they also designed different crowdfunding themes that will suit everyone’s preferences. Among IgnitionDeck’s themes include 500 Framework, Goodwork theme, Gig, 500 Classic, Mission theme, and 500 Midnight. Each theme offers different framework that suits different organization and different group of people. Extensions are also provides which includes Bitcoin Payments, Email Receipts, Stripe Payment Gateway, Stretch Goals, Export to Google Drive, Braintree Payment Gateway, FAQ and Updates, Constant Contact, and Twilio SMS.
Utilizing online for the success of your endeavor only costs little. It doesn’t need your whole fortune to make the effort but it only needs your conviction to succeed. Internet has already provided a cheaper way to raise fund and it is up to you on how you fully utilize it in achieving success. Contact IgnitionDeck today and start raising funds for whatever purpose you might have. And besides, this is the only crowdfunding platform that provides unique and amazing features in the market.