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Business planning wasn’t meant to be easy. That’s why there are thousands of college degrees available to students of higher education to get the proper training that they need to succeed in the business world. Regardless of how much experience and knowledge you have however, you may often find yourself needing additional support to not only manage the success of your business, but find additional support to grow your offering to new heights. Our hunt for such support led us to hundreds of web sites, most of which had merely provided us with a dead end. However, when we reached, we realized that we had stepped on a potential gold mine for business people and investors alike.’s software is far more than just business planning. By providing a complete analysis of your plans, as well as incorporating your current funding and revenue streams, this platform can essentially tell you if you’ll have the funding, customer base, and competitive edge to actually deliver on a pending plan. With professional reports and graphics, you can also deliver your business plan in a manner that’s understandable to those who may not have the insight that you do when it comes to business tactics.

The business analysis software takes things a step further to help you develop your next business plan. By understanding costs and revenue of competitive companies in the same industry as you, the system can help uncover both strengths and weaknesses within your plan. Additionally, you can further make optimizations by creating “What If” scenarios, which may have very well been the feature that kept us busiest out of everything this in-depth tool has to offer the common business person.

Finally, the business funding network may just be one of the fastest ways of communication between investors and small business owners. No matter which role you play, gives you full insight into the interest of each one, with full profiles that give you a heads up as to what an investor is looking for. You can then share your plan, or communicate your interests at your free will to help you find the funding that you need.

EquityNet is a premier service for your Equity Crowdfunding needs. If you’re serious about getting funded by the crowd, this is support service to check out.

Review by Dustin

EquityNet was the first equity crowdfunding site I’d ever heard of here in the US. I used their software and support last year to get my business off the ground and have since raised over $350,000 in funding from angel investors.

Review by James K

Very glad I took a look at EquityNet, it really has made a huge increase in funding for my research projects.

Review by LoNg

Hey! I’m so glad I found this article toihngt. Thanks for sharing your own experience with Kickstarter. I just recently made a big personal and business investment by purchasing (read: saving from becoming scrap metal!) an old letterpress printing machine. I’ve dreamed of having one since I was in art school 10 years ago, and while I love being a graphic designer in a digital age, I miss inky hands and messy aprons.I’ve been considering a Kickstarter (or similar) campaign to raise some funds to get my press into working order. It needs some fixing up, though each moment I get to spend doing it will still be a labor of love. As far as I know, I’ll have the only press of its kind in my area and I’m hoping to open it up for educational purposes once I get it running and become familiar with it myself. I’d love to be able to share my passions with other people here in our growing arts community (and anyone else interested, of course).I totally feel the pangs of self-doubt and apprehension—are my passions worthy of someone elses’ support especially financial support? Who am I to reveal my needs (even if they are backed closely by those same passions)?Ah, but Jane’s response makes me smile so much. Growing personally (or professionally) and offering to grow others around you along the way is such a great perspective to take. Worthy cause, indeed. But Emma pretty much summed it up nicely with: “Hey, art is is important and we have to support each other!”Again, thanks so much for this. I have a lot to think about, but I’m really glad to know I’m not the only one asking these questions or wrestling these fears.

Review by Carson

I’m a one man army and I’m doing everything on my own, so every chance I can get something done faster is very important for my business. The last thing I want is to waste days if not weeks planning for a crowdfunding project, just to find out I planned it wrong from the get go. Having a solid planning software should help avoid that sort of problem, even though it won’t eliminate it completely of course. Equitynet should become very popular to businessmen like me.

Review by Ruth Martin

Even though I have not yet tried, I like what I am hearing about them, especially the fact that they are more business oriented. My husband and I are planning on starting up a carpenter business soon, and will definitely need all the help we can get!

Review by efpierce

I like because if you are trying to gain funds for your business, they are the professional’s choice. They have a more serious look which makes it easier to gain funding in larger amounts.