Crowdfunding Review – EarlyShares

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In the last few weeks we have been working hard to develop our database and rating system for the upcoming Equity Crowdfunding boom. Without a question there is no crowdfunding site to date that has us more excited about equity crowdfunding then Although not yet “open for business”, the layout, concept and amount of information available on the initial rollout of their site is second to none.
As an accredited crowdfunding platform (CAPS), a founding member of The National CrowdFunding Association (NLCF) and the experience of their management team, will be a force to recon with in the Equity Crowd Funding marketplace. The team at earlyshares has already amassed nearly 6,000 individuals who are preregistered to invest in job creating small business, which is expected to begin in January of 2013 (Although the JOBS act of 2012 has become law, the SEC has until January to put the final rules guiding the equity crowdfunding industry).
The blog and news feed on is second to none on informing future participants of small business crowdfunding, both for small business owners and potential investors. The FAQ’s and VC Club offer more detailed information then any of the crowdfunding sites we have reviewed to date.
Although it is difficult to review a business prior to its’ official launch, the response we have gotten from the company regarding our requests can only lead us to believe that the service will provide is destined to be second to none,
Preregistration for both equity issuers and investors are currently occurring on their website, we strongly encourage anyone interested to register with TODAY.

As we get additional information, we will be sure to pass it along. Again, the team at EarlyShares has us even more excited about equity crowdfunding then we were before (if that’s possible).

Review by Dee Brand

Early Shares is another excellent site for startups! It will be up to the owner or owners of the startup to develop a cohesive business introduction to place at Early Shares. I would think that the better this information is, the more likely you’ll get noticed. No startup will be developed without some costs. Accounting review, documents, patent, etc. are required before approval. This keeps everything legitimate and protects everyone. Good site!

Review by Kim Rawks

Accreditation is one of those buzz words that adds credibility to any business. Earlyshares will go along way based on that.

Review by Jonathan B

EarlyShares looks very promising. I just checked out their website and it looks professional with lots of information that are well organized. This is a good sign since you can tell a lot about a business just by their website alone. I’ve designed websites and I can say with confidence that a lot of investment went in to designing EarlyShares. com’s website. I may have just found the perfect place to get my funding from.

Review by Gary G

Very glad I ran across this as I am excidely waiting from them to be fully up and running.