Crowdfunding Review – CircleUp

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Since the passage of the US JOBS Act we have held steadfast that the biggest opportunity in Crowdfunding (and Regulation D offerings under Title II) will be for companies with an affinity customer base. While many look to the latest technology offerings and real estate, we remain convinced that equity crowdfunding is best suited for companies with established retail customers.
Silicon Valley Tech firms and Real Estate ventures have always had investors in the form of Angels and Venture Capitalists but consumer product companies have always had a more difficult time raising the funds needed to grow there businesses. is right on the money with the segment of the crowdfunding business they have decided to focus on. With an established team of exper20140204182748/http://www.ienced Consumer Products analysts and Investment Bankers they have positioned themselves as the early leaders in the consumer products regulation D online capital raising space. With an ever growing count of accredited investors and some of the most innovative brands looking to capitalize on crowdfunding, CircleUp has every opportunity to firm-up their place in JOBS Act history.
As a investor you receive access to deal flow in some of the most innovative consumer product and retail companies in the market. You also have direct access to the top level managers at these companies and can often invest as little as $1,000. This type of participation is made available through passage of the JOBS Act and innovations in online fundraising through crowdfunding.
CircleUp listing companies are screened by experiences consumer products and retail analysts / Investment Bankers, with only a small percentage of companies applying ever getting listed on this premier Reg D platform. Typically these companies already have substantial revenue stream streams setting them far apart from most technology companies seeking crowd financing. These are companies that are very understandable from an investment standpoint. It is much easier to do due diligence on a consumer product company as opposed to the latest tech start-up. Consumer and Retail companies have tangible products that can be tested and understood prior to an investor participating in their Regulation D, Crowdfunding offering.
If you meet the requirements of an accredited investor and have not visited CircleUp, you are making a mistake. These are some of the best offerings we have come across in the equity crowdfunding space and are hosted by an experienced platform. Although ALL Regulation D and equity crowdfunding platforms are relatively young, CircleUps experience comes from finance rather than tech. This makes all the difference when speaking about investment crowdfunding.